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Sydney 4 Months

Posted by dkgannon on February 22, 2012

Holy cow has it been awhile since we las posted. Time sure flies by. Sydney is doing great. She is over 14 lbs and is sitting up with assistance. She just loves sitting in her bumpo. She is cooing and smiling and talking like crazy. We’re expecting her first tooth pretty soon, since she seems to be slobbering all the time. Here is a pic of her sitting in her bumpo.



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Posted by dkgannon on December 12, 2011

December 2nd our little Sydney turned two months old and she is doing great.  At her two month check-up her weight was 9 lbs. 12 oz. and she was 19 ¾ inches long.  Since she is growing so well we were able to take her off the higher calorie formula, so she is now on regular formula.  Sydney is still eating every 3-4 hours.  She is starting to smile, make cooing sounds and is starting to hold her head up.  Sydney has been approved to receive the RSV shot every 30 days till RSV season is over in April. 

Thursday December, 15 I have to return to work after being on maternity leave since September 22.  My mother will be keeping Sydney for us until she is about 1 year, then we will put her in school part-time. 

Paige also hit a milestone on December 2nd she turned 2 ½.  At Paige’s check-up her weight was 26.8 lbs. and she is 34.5 inches tall.  Paige is doing very well with Sydney.  She loves helping with everything, making bottles, feeding, covering her up and changing diapers.  She loves her baby sister.  The first of December Paige started going to school full time and has adjusted well.  Paige has started talking in full sentences and asking questions.  She is still a very picker eater and we have a hard time getting her to try anything new.  Hopefully she will grow out of that soon.  In October Paige had her very first haircut.  To my surprise she did very well.  She still does not have much hair but it will grow one day.  I am saving all the bows for her to wear someday.  Paige is not potty trained yet but she will sit on the potty at school every time they change her diaper.  This past weekend she had 4 instances where she did tell us she had to potty.  So we took her to the potty and she was so excited because she did it.  We are looking forward to the day Paige will no longer have to wear diapers, which should be soon.  Our baby girl is just growing up.    

Here are a few pictures of the girls.

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Sydney one month.

Posted by dkgannon on November 7, 2011

Sydney turned one month on November 2nd and she is growing leaps and bounds. She caught her first cold from her big sister and when she went to the Dr. she weighed 6lbs. 14oz. Today she went to have her hip ultrasound to make sure nothing is out of place from her being breeched when born. Just normal procedure these days. She is finally starting to fit in some close we got from friends.

She is starting to have some extended periods of alert time and of course loves being held.

Here is a pic of her sleeping before going for her ultrasound.


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First Pediatrician appointment and Follow up Weight Check.

Posted by dkgannon on October 18, 2011

Sydney visited the Pediatrician on Monday October 10th.  She still is 17 inches long and weighed 4lb 12 oz.  Everything checked out well and we were told to come back in a week for a weight check.  Today on her follow up weight check Sydney gained 13 oz to a whooping 5lb 7oz. in eight days.   The doctor was impressed and we are to continue the status quo and she doesn’t need to see her until her 2 month checkup.  Sydney is eating anywhere from 45 – 55 ml which is about two ounces on the 55 ml side, and is eating about every 3 hours.  She loves laying in the swing and Paige loves helping out when she can being a big sister.

Below are some pictures of Sydney’s first bath at home and snapshots at home.


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Going Home

Posted by dkgannon on October 9, 2011

Getting ready to go home and see my big sister!


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Day 6

Posted by dkgannon on October 8, 2011

We had some exciting news getting to the NICU unit today. Sydney had eaten 50 ml at 830 am and we found out we were rooming in tonight with no monitors connected to her. This is one of the steps for Sydney to head home with us. She also has her car seat monitoring tonight after the 830pm feeding. The nurses will connect her back to the monitors and fit her in the car seat. They’ll monitor her for 90 minutes checking for any issues. Once she passes this I am sure the DR. will assess her in the morning and if all goes well she will get to come home on Sunday sometime. We are really excited and praying all goes according to plan.

Some good snuggle time With mom.


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Discharge Day

Posted by dkgannon on October 6, 2011

Kerri was discharges today around noon. Her incision is healing great. She is on restriction for driving for the next two weeks due to her incision and pain meds she is on. We took everything home and then pretty much turned right around and went to Nana’s to get Paige and take her to see her baby sister. Paige did pretty well today. She watched Mamma feed Sydney and she read some books and colored. The Doctor increased her feedings again today to 40ml. She has been taking the full 40ml. She just needs to continue to increase her intake and grow. I was able to take this picture while we were there.


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Feeding time

Posted by dkgannon on October 5, 2011

Momma feeding little Sydney.


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Sydney Day 4

Posted by dkgannon on October 5, 2011

Sydney had her IV removed today and she has been eating 30 to 35 ml of formula and cholostrum (spelling?). She needs to keep the feedings up and increase the amount. If she can’t stay at those levels they will need to insert a feeding tube to get her complete nourishment. So we are praying she eats the 30-35 ml. Other than that she is doing well and wearing some clothes now that she doesn’t have an IV. Here is a picture of her all snug as a bug In a rug.



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Sydney Day 3

Posted by dkgannon on October 4, 2011


We went up this morning to see Sydney and feed her. She had a glucose level of 73 and she ate 20 ml which was about a half ounce.  Her IV fluids were reduced from the higher glucose levels and her CBC test came back to where they weren’t going to give anymore IV antibiotics.  This afternoon her glucose level was in the 70’s which lowered her IV fluids by a unit and she ate 30 ml which is an ounce.  She was quite alert in the afternoon and was checking out her surroundings quite a bit.  Dad needs to bring back the baby nail clippers because she has got some talons for finger nails.   If she keeps up the glucose levels the IV will be removed soon.

Dad also went to visit Paige at Nana and PaPa’s.  She is doing well and asked if she could go to school.  She missed school on Monday because Dad was catching up on some sleep.   Here is a picture of watching Elmo in Grouchland today when I arrive.  She watching so intently that she didn’t even knew I came in for a few minutes.  Paige is also getting excited to see her baby sister and mamma at the hospital!

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